The change in life cycle of skin cells brings a huge disaster in one’s life and what you call psoriasis ruins the personality, self confidence and health of a person.  Your skin alone is not the only thing that suffers from psoriasis but it is your emotional state and a confidence level that strikes the ground the very day you know you have psoriasis. Some people have rashes on visible parts in Psoriasis and others can hide then inside. But this does not affect the itching and pain they cause. To tackle these red patches some of us might choose medicines and others smartly go for natural psoriasis cures. There are certain tips and tricks which make your life easier and a happier one when you are aware of them. Medicines cannot cure psoriasis permanently but they introduce some permanent side effects you are bound to live with for the rest of your life along with psoriasis. It is hence better to go for natural psoriasis cure which make life better without any side effects. In the coming sections, we have discussed not one or two but twenty simple tips for psoriasis treatment.

How to Deal With Psoriasis?

1.Quit smoking immediately

Stop Smoking Smoking is not at all a healthy habit. We all know it and still we all cannot help quitting this hazardous habit. It is unhealthy for all but especially for psoriasis patients it is kind of a crime. Next time you light up a cigarette better think of your skin condition and stop. Smoking along with other health problems like cancer makes psoriasis worse. So, it is high time to say it good bye if you give priority to your health and skin.

2. Avoid using harsh soaps

Being a psoriasis patient you very well know how much important it is to keep your skin moisturized and soap is the culprit behind snatching all the moisture from the skin. It is important to use soap to clean the skin as it is the best way to stay infection free. Hence what we can do is choose our soap very carefully. Harsh soaps can cause itching and irritate the skin, so is better to opt for a mild soap. Most of the soaps are harsh and it is very difficult to find the real mild soap which suits your already suffering skin but you have to. If you are a psoriasis patient, there is no room for a harsh soap in your cabinet. In case you are in trouble because of your soap, immediately replace it with a soap free cleanser.

3. Bring some changes in your diet

healthy foodDiet plays an important role in determining your health as well as you skin condition. For a healthy skin you must eat healthy. The same holds true for psoriasis as well. You have to be careful about anything and everything you eat as it will have a direct impact on your skin. Avoid fried foods and excess of spices in your diet. Anything that contains preservatives must be taken in minimal quantity. You can control your skin condition even in psoriasis up to certain extent by controlling your dietary habits and not eating according to taste.

4. Apply turmeric paste

Turmeric is the best psoriasis treatment. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric has the ability to alter gene expression. Your skin condition is a very minor issue that turmeric can deal with effectively. This is a traditionally used medicinal powder that is known for its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can take turmeric concentrated in pill or supplement form or if you like curries, adding it liberally to your food. The FDA considers 1.5 to 3.0 grams of turmeric per day to be safe. It can also be applied to the skin directly but if you apply the turmeric paste alone, it can turn your skin color to yellowish for a while.

5. Keep the water content of your body high

drinking waterThis is most important of all the tips to cure psoriasis. Water is the ultimate solution to prevent dryness in your body. While using mild soap is a way of keeping your skin moisturized externally, drinking a lot of water maintains the moisture internally. Drink plenty of water every now and then. Water should be more important to you, even more than food if you are a psoriasis patient. Make it a habit of keeping a glass full of water at your workplace and replace it as soon as you finish drinking the previous one.

6. Do not hesitate going for a massage

Massage can be a treat to an aching body and at the same time it is a gift for suffering skin in psoriasis. If you choose appropriate oil and go to a professional massager then nothing can be more beneficial than a massage for a psoriasis patient. You can choose coconut oil or olive oil and spare half an hour to get a relaxing massage for your body and skin too. The effect of massage will reach deep into your skin pores and will relieve you from the redness and scaling which is very common in psoriasis. And how can you forget that the same also introduces moisture to the entire skin in an irreplaceable manner.

7. Trust tea tree oil

 Tea tree oil For centuries, many cultures have used tea tree oil to treat skin problems and infections. The oil extracted from the leaves of the same plant is used by psoriasis patients in every corner of the world. Tea tree oil is used by psoriasis patients because of its amazing antiseptic and anti bacterial properties. The oil comes from the leaves of the tea tree plant, which grows in Australia. When applied to the skin, this psoriasis home remedy is said to help remove dry, dead cells. Some people find using shampoos with tea tree oil helps relieve their scalp psoriasis. You must first use it on small part of your body to make sure you are not allergic to the same.

8. Grab more of fresh fruits and vegetables

Keep your basket full of fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure you regularly eat some fruit or the other. Eat more of oranges and water melon as they both are a tasty way to increase water content with added health advantages. Colorful fruits and veggies contain disease-fighting antioxidants and are rich in fiber, which makes you feel fuller and less likely to overeat. Also if you replace the junk food you were eating all the time with some fresh fruits, you will automatically see the difference in your skin.

9. Use humidifier in your surroundings

air humidifierIf you work in a closed room where the humidity conditions can be controlled then you must go for it. Use a good quality air humidifier and control the moisture of your skin by controlling the humidity around you. It can prevent dry skin before it starts. Sensitive-skin moisturizers are also great at keeping your skin supple and from forming plaques.

10. Shark cartilage

Research is inconclusive, but some preliminary studies suggest that shark cartilage- which contains a mixture of protein and carbohydrates and is available in powder or pill form- can help relieve symptoms of plaque psoriasis. However, shark cartilage can be costly, and you may find relief with other less expensive psoriasis home remedies.

11. Make right use of beneficial oils

essential oilsThere are certain types of oils that are a beautiful gift for psoriasis affected skin and you should not miss using at least one of them. Unlike other moisturizers the moisture supplied by natural oils stay on your skin for a longer duration and hence you need not use a moisturizer hourly to avoid discomfort.

12. Apply oats’ paste on psoriasis affected skin

Oats paste is also said to be beneficial to cure psoriasis. One can prepare the paste by using oil instead of water to improve the moisture content of the paste. Apply this paste on your psoriasis affected skin and relax for about15 minutes. After that soak yourself in the bath tub for the next five minutes and have bath. This will give you some relief in the itching and scaling soon. Doing this twice a week is advised to all the psoriasis patients.

13. Avoid bathing in hot water

warm water bath tubHot water is the enemy of the moisture present on your skin. You better do not have bath than using hot water. In case of emergency you can use lukewarm water but not above that temperature. Hot water steals the moisture from your body and makes it dry. Dryness leads to scaling and itching and hence you should strictly use cold water to have bath.

14. Bath frequently

This is the simplest of all the tips for psoriasis cure and everyone should bath more than once if you want to cure psoriasis soon. But make sure the water you use for bathing is not hot, either lukewarm or cold water is the best.

15. Do not touch the itching skin other than applying moisturizer

Itchy SkinThere’s no doubt about it: When you itch, you want to scratch. But scratching can tear open your skin, making way for infection-causing germs. It may also make sores appear where there weren’t any before. Keep your nails short and take an antihistamine if you are itchy. And picking at your skin can lead to infection. When you have an urge, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and gently rub on moisturizer instead.

16. Breathe fresh air and take direct sunlight

Out of all the other tips to cure psoriasis this one is the simplest yet very effective. Sometimes taking in fresh air itself is a cure for psoriasis. Isn’t it simple enough? Go out for a small walk and breathe in fresh air as much as your can. Apart from the fresh air, sunlight also is a good healer for psoriasis. These are the two natural psoriasis cure present in abundance. For fresh air there are no restrictions but being in sun for too long can be harmful for your skin. You can use sun block cream with high moisture content and sun protection factor.

17. Apply ACV

apple cider vinegerApple cider vinegar also can help you cure psoriasis naturally. Only one thing to be careful about while using apple cider vinegar in any form is to dilute it and only then let it touch your psoriasis affected skin. Drinking apple cider vinegar is also equally beneficial as it keeps your body hydrated and in turn your skin moisturized.

18. Yoga can do some magic

Yoga is one stop solution to many health ailments, whether it is concerned with mental health or the skin issues. Certain yoga postures are specifically beneficial for psoriasis patients and one must learn them from a professional trainer before he or she starts practicing. If you are able to do it properly and regularly yoga can solve your problem to certain extent.

19. Keep the moisture content high

Your skin should be full of moisture all the time. Make sure you never leave it dry, not for a single minute. Before going to sleep use a good quality moisturizer and use humidifier if possible. During daytime use moisturizer at least two to three time a day to avoid complications.

20. Try aloe vera- the magical plant

aloe veraThis plant cannot be avoided if you are suffering from psoriasis. Whether it is about fighting with acne, or burns or psoriasis, aloe vera has its name in all the fields related to skin. This small plant can literally do wonders to your skin if you use it continuously. Apply the aloe vera extracted from the leaf of aloe vera to pacify the itching skin and cure psoriasis.

Now you have 20 tips to treat psoriasis and make your skin condition better. With these tips and natural psoriasis cure one can actually live a much better hassle free and happy life even when you have psoriasis. Stick to these 20 tips and try to minimize the medicines and ointments you are currently using to stay away from the inevitable harmful side effects of the medicines.

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